Churna Island Night Trip

We planned a day and night trip to Churna Island. Started by Fishing and Trolling but caught nothing much till morning. We finally started spearfishing fishing and Snorkeling but it was an awesome trip.

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Family Picnic in Mangrove Forest

Mangrove Forest for Corporate Groups and Private Families. Explore Exotic Locations like Storks Den, Majestic Garden, The Grandeur and other destinations like Far Island, Russian Beach, Khai Creek, Khuddi Creek and Keti bunder

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Beach Qalwali Night - Sabri Brothers

Pre Event - Live Performance at Beach by Faraz Ahmed Sabri

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Rodeo on Jet Ski - Crazy Session

Rodeo on Jet Ski, Crazy Jet Ski Rides, Session Two

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Chilling on Yahama VX700

Chilling on Yahama Waverunner VX700 at Arabian Sea Karachi

Party Like a Rock Star

Thats how we party !!

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Fireworks at Karachi Watersports Festival

Enjoy Watersports at Hawksbay & Turtle Beach Karachi with Speed Boats, Jetski, Watersports, Turtle Watching Tour, Ocean Swimming, Fishing and Watersports.

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Boyzz Gone Wild

Wild and Crazy Water Sports

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Kids Learning to Rock Jet Ski

#Future is all about #Kids, its our #Job to #Teach them important #skills and #lessons of #reallife. #Courage come after #driving the #Fear out of their lives and if the lessons are #fun .. then its a treat for them

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