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First Family Tropical Beach Resort, Speed Boats, Jet Ski, Snorkeling, Scuba Diving, Turtle Watching, Fishing Trips, Kids Pool, Ocean Swimming, Shaded Family Sittings and Gazeebos


Far Adventure Club offer Services on "pay as you go basis" at the convenient location of
HUT # A20, Main Hawksbay, Left from Machli Chowk, Karachi

Jet Ski Rides, Speed Boat Rides, Water Sports, Wow Tube, Scuba Diving, Snorkleing, Ocean Swimming, Day and Night Fishing Trips, Turtle Watching, Dolphin Watching, Camping, Shaded Family Sitting, Kids Pool, Dive Training Pool, Shower Rooms, Toilets and More
Open to Public and Far Adventure Club Members

Open to Public Every Sat n Sun from 11:00 Am to 4:00 Pm

Book in Advance to Avoid Waiting, Click to Whatsapp for Details

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The Best Camping Package in Town

Camping in Secured Area
Bon Fire, Movie Night, Music System
Food and Night Turtle Watching Trip
Morning Jet Ski and Boat Rides
Washrooms and Freshwater
Secured Parking

Individual Package Price Rs.3000/-
Group Discount and Customization Available

Every Saturday Night : 8 Pm to 8 Am

Each Camp will Accomodate 3 Persons on Sharing Basis

Jet Ski Rounds

Charges are for Single Person

Short Round : Rs 500/Person/Ride
Long Round : Rs 1000 Two Person Ride
Short Self Ride : Rs 1000 Single Person Ride
Self Drive is Subject to Weather Conditions

Hourly Rent Rs 8,500/- Only at Club
25% Discount for Far Adventure Club Members

Diver or Attendent will be Present at all Times

Price Includes Fuel + Driver + Life Guards + Life Jackets

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Boating Activites

Charges are for Single Person

Short Round : Rs 250/ Per Person Max 10 Mins
Family Shoreline Trip : Rs 1500 - Max 5 Pax/15 Mins
Turtle Watching Trips : Rs 3500 - Max 5 Pax/30 Mins

Family Snorkleing Trips : Rs 4500 - Max 5 Pax/30 Mins

Diver or Attendent will be Present at all Times

Price Includes Fuel + Driver + Life Guards + Life Jackets

Open Sea Activites

Charges are for Single Person

Try | Scuba Dive | Pool : Rs 4500
PADI | Scuba Diving | Single Tank | Boat Dive : Rs 4500
Only for PADI Certified | Bring your own Kit

New Divers | Amature | Rs. 8500
Scuba Pool Session | Pool Training Dive
Scuba Discover Hawksbay Reef Dive
With Scuba Kit and Instructor


Discover Kelp Forest and take the Journey of a Lifetime at Hawksbay
| Package Starts from Rs. 6500 Only

Discover Snuba Diving for Amatures, take a Chill Pill at Sandy Beach and Reefs
| Package Starts from Rs. 3500 Only

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Beach Resort Services

Facilites for Familes Only

Tropical Bamboo Gazeebo : Rs.3500/Max 10 Pax
Shaded Sitting Lounge - Single : Rs 1500 - Max 5 Pax
Shaded Sitting Lounge - Double : Rs 2500 - Max 10 Pax

Air Conditioned Family Room : Rs 7500 - Max 5 Pax
Fun Pool for Kids under 10 : Rs 250 - 2 Hours

Sea Food Platter On-Order Only : Rs 2000 Per Platter
Chicken Karhai On-Order Only : Rs 2000 Per Kg

Gatekeeper or Attendent will be Present at all Times

Price Includes access to Washrooms & Shower Rooms with Fresh Water

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